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      Smile 10 اشتباه متداول ديكته در زبان انگليسي

      همانطور كه مي دانيد زبان انگليسي، به دليل كاربردي بودن، اولين زباني مي باشد كه مردم سراسر دنيا براي يادگيري انتخاب مي كنند. با اين حال جالب است بدانيد با اينكه زبان آموزان از كشورهاي مختلفي مي باشند، اما اشتاباهات انگليسي آنها همه مشابه مي باشد.

      در اينجا به 10 مورد از متداول ترين اشتباهات مي پردازيم

      Mixing up “in” and “on” with modes of transportation

      You get in a car. You get on everything else. (I got on the plane/bus/train/motorcycle/boat.)
      Remember, a taxi is a kind of car, so you get in a taxi

      Confusing “in time” with “on time”

      “On time” = punctually

      Example: I get to work on time. I am never late.

      “In time” = before a deadline or a time limit expires

      Example: I got to the bus stop in time. The bus was just about to leave

      Ending a sentence with a contraction

      INCORRECT: A: Are you happy? B: Yes, I’m

      CORRECT: A: Are you happy? B: Yes, I am

      While it is normally fine to contract “I” and “am”, you cannot do it at the end of a sentence. This holds true for all pronouns contracted with verbs.
      Confusing “would like” with “like”

      Compare these two examples

      I would like to go swimming. <–This is something that you want to do at some point in the future.

      I like to go swimming. <–This is something that you enjoy and do on a regular basis

      Forgetting to use a determiner in front of a singular count noun

      MOST singular count nouns must be preceded by some kind of determiner. Some types of determiners are articles (a, an, the), possessive adjectives (my, your, his), and demonstratives (this, that, these, those).

      Here’s a quick determiner test. Let’s look at the noun “dog”. Is it singular? (Yes, there is only one.) Is it countable? (Yes – one dog, two dogs, three dogs…) Then it MUST have a determiner. Don’t let your singular count nouns go naked!

      INCORRECT: I saw dog outside

      CORRECT: I saw a dog outside. I saw your dog outside. I saw that dog outside

      Using “the” in front of indefinite plural nouns

      INCORRECT: I went to the mall to buy the clothes.

      CORRECT: I went to the mall to buy clothes. OR I went to the mall to buy some clothes. (“Some” simply means an unspecified amount.)

      We don’t use “the” because we are talking about clothes in general.

      If you were to add some information to specify what clothes, then you could use “the”.

      Example: I went to the mall to buy the clothes that my mother had picked out for me earlier

      Counting noncount nouns
      Noncount nouns can only be measured in units. Some common noncount nouns involve categories, fluids, solids, gases, particles, and abstractions. For this type of noun, you count the unit, not the noun.

      INCORRECT: I bought three breads

      CORRECT: I bought three loaves of bread

      Making a noun plural when using it as an adjective

      INCORRECT: I had vegetables soup for dinner

      CORRECT: I had vegetable soup for dinner

      While the soup may have a lot of vegetables in it, when you use a noun as an adjective, it must always be singular

      Using “for” and “since” interchangeably

      “Since” is used with a point in time. Example: I have been here since 9:00 a.m.
      “For” is used with duration of time. Example: I have been here for five hours.

      Mixing up “I used to” with “I am used to”

      I used to = I did something in the past, but I don’t anymore

      Example: I used to climb trees when I was a kid. (I no longer climb trees.)

      I am used to = I am accustomed to

      Example: I am used to living in the desert. The heat doesn’t bother me.

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